I was accepted to #SephoraSquad 2020 Program

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I’ve been visualizing and dreaming about this moment for so many times, and guess what! I am the first Azerbaijani to join #SephoraSquad.


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As you might know, I’ve been applying for #SephoraSquad since last year, when the program was just launched and I didn’t make the cut even to semifinals back then. While it was quite upsetting, it didn’t discourage me from re-applying this year. 

Moreover, I made a promise to myself that I’ll be applying for the #SephoraSquad until I get there…

…and here I am: the first Azerbaijani to join #SephoraSquad!

#SephoraSquad is one of a kind beauty-influencer program, offered by Sephora and created in partnership with Fohr – Ambassador Marketing Company. The program not only offers free products and reposts but also provides coaching, training, networking and so much more. #SephoraSquad program is the golden ticket to the behind-the-scenes of the beauty industry only a few could get!

Why I love Sephora

I started my blogging beauty journey less than 3 years ago and for me, this is such a big achievement and a great honor to join the Sephora family. Sephora has been shaping my beauty vision since my teenage years and still plays an important role in my life. Those who know me from a young age can definitely say how obsessed I’ve been with this brand even though there are still no Sephora stores in Azerbaijan.

First Impression

My first experience with Sephora takes me back to the summer of 2010 when I traveled to Paris, France for the first time. I clearly remember the day I entered their first flagship store at Champs-Élysées. I still can feel the thrill of those lights, a sweet blend of perfume, and a humongous selection of beauty products in beautiful shiny packages, with so many novelties I might have never seen in my life before. I wish I was taking more pictures back then, but that was a pre-Instagram era!

I fell in love with that place from the first moment of being there and I think I spent a few hours shopping at the store. From that day on, on my every trip abroad I had “Shopping at Sephora” as a must-do activity, planning my “Sephora Haul” shopping list a few months in advance.

Shopping Experience

Besides the atmosphere and assortment, there is always an exceptional service in all Sephora stores. You would never feel neglected by assistants or being looked upon for being underdressed or feel any kind of uncomfortable. Whether I have a certain concern or I need some advice, there is always someone who can help me with everything, and if I’m not fully satisfied, they always find a way to make it right. If you are not sure about a product, you can get a sample to try at home. Sephora helped me discover a lot of new exciting products and brands for a decade of shopping there.

If you haven’t tried Sephora’s Color IQ, you should definitely do that once the stores reopen. Sephora has a special handheld machine that captures your skin tone and provides you with a unique number that you can use to find the best match in any shade of foundation or concealer! After trying this out, I never want to shop for foundation or concealer anywhere else, because I rarely could get my skin tone matched correctly before. You can even use the Color IQ to shop online, both from desktop and the app, which is perfect for today’s situation.

Following my Dream

What is more, the idea of “Sun Kissed Blush” as a beauty blog was initiated after another Sephora visit during a trip to Switzerland, even though it took me a few more years to gain confidence in launching the blog. Here is the first photo on my IG account after another Sephora haul, dated 2014! This is the fresh compact of Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzing Powder from Guerlain, that helped me recreate my favorite sunkissedblush look and Sephora Collection Shimmering Body Oil, that was so perfect for a summer glow!

Fast forward a couple of years, as I moved to Houston, TX, I have a local Sephora store only 7 minutes away from me, and this motivated me, even more, to keep working on my dream. It is funny to say, but it also helped me overcome the fear of driving the car – having my favorite store in this proximity overweighted the horror of getting behind the wheel by myself.

Learning from professionals

Sephora has always been a place for learning and growth. I’ve watched numerous makeup tutorials on their Youtube channel while living in Azerbaijan and the UK. Since 2017, I’ve been attending events at Sephora in Houston, TX and had a chance to meet in person Anastasia Soare, Victoria Tsai, Christine Chang, and directly learn from them at their masterclasses! The Sephoria Event, which unfortunately is canceled for this year, is another amazing place to meet the brains behind the brands, attend their masterclasses, learn more about new launches and brands and just have fun!

Sephora Beauty Insider Community

In addition to this, I’ve recently discovered amazing people that I can friends now, brought together by Sephora Beauty Insider Community. I had a chance to meet some of them and create so many memories during the spectacular Sephoria Event last year.

Sephora Beauty Insider Community Meetup

Clean at Sephora Initiative

Now, for me as a mom-to-be, the newly introduced “Clean at Sephora” initiative that checks all products for harmful ingredients, have been very helpful in finding a beauty routine that gives me peace of mind during this special period of my life.

And after all of this, here I am in a partnership with Sephora one could only dream of.

I’m very grateful to the Sephora team for giving me this chance to represent all of you and helping your voice and your needs to be heard in this constantly growing beauty world so that all of us can belong to something beautiful too.

I’m especially thankful to all of you for your never-ending support and belief in me. It’s been a pleasure serving you and bringing value to your feeds and life.

Now, I want to hear from you! What you’d like to see more on my channels? Feel free to text, comment or DM me – you know how to reach me! 

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