Anastasia Beverly Hills MasterClass: Review From The First Row

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Our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony – Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Soare the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills is an amazing woman with strong personality and an inspiring story about her fulfilled “American dream”.

I was really lucky to get the last spot at her yesterday”™s “Holiday Glow” event at Westin Galleria in Houston.

Pre-party at Sephora

It all started from 3 pm at Sephora where ABH Artists and Sephora Artists have been helping their customers with selecting the right color and right formula, because each case, as Anastasia herself explained later on during the class, is unique.

To attend the master-class, each guest needed to purchase 100$ voucher on Anastasia products. The artist that was helping me yesterday took her time to find the right product for me and showed me several different techniques and looks that I can create with my “real estate”.  The color match that she did is amazing.

sunkissedblush_abh (1 of 14)
After makeover
sunkissedblush_abh (12 of 14)
The product that I got for myself. Anastasia also signed my makeup bag!
sunkissedblush_abh (13 of 14)
Highlighting Duo Pencil in Matte Camille/Sand Shimmer; Stick Foundation in Beige; Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown; Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso; Brush #12

After a makeover, I got my wrist band for an entry to the giveaway of the Brow Book – a huge collection of all eyebrow products in all colors that ABH has created for their 20 years anniversary (fingers crossed) and got in the line to be seated for the class. And guess who got in the first row!




I”™ve met so many nice people there, just like me, waiting for the Queen of Brows to show her magical skills that can change the way you look by just doing your brows!

When Beauty Meets Science

Once she appeared here is where the true magic started.

She briefly shared her story with us, about how she came to US and how she started and how people at first resisted her vision on eyebrows back in 90s. Frankly, she is the person we should be thankful to for returning the sanity to beauty as well as the trend for real brows replacing those skinny lines that our moms used to have in 80s.

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Anastasia Soare shares her story

With her education in architecture, she took work of aestheticians to the next level! The patented method that Anastasia created for measurements of brows and the stencils that she invented for beginners are based on mathematical equations and principles in architecture. She applies Golden Ratio rule that she learned in art school and encourage everyone to keep the proportions in mind when shaping their eyebrow and contouring their face. All because “our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony”.

This woman takes her products really serious. Anastasia herself checks each batch on color and texture to ensure the quality of the products that she makes. She also highlighted that each brush that she designs is made with a specific product in mind for precise application. Have I mentioned that ABH has a widest selection of colors for eyebrow products on the market?

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Another thing that I was really amazed to learn is that she considers PH level of different skin types and therefore has a special recommendations on what formula, product and color is best for each skin type.

Beauty Tips

During the masterclass, she had two models with opposite complexions  – one with super fair skin and blond hair and another one with beautiful chocolate skin showing the right way of using her products and techniques for different skin types.

Here are the highlights of how to get your eyebrows to the Instagram level:

  • apply Golden Ratio to measure and shape your eyebrows
  • to match the right product you need to consider the color of your hair, natural brows and the skin tone as well as your skin type
  • start from the roots, and consider that the beginning (quarter of an inch) of the eyebrows are generally lighter than the ends
  • consider at least 2 shades for eyebrows
  • start with small amount of product and build it up
  • draw hair strokes, not a straight outline
  • do not draw thick dark line on the upper side of your brow
  • use Dipbrow pomade jar as a pallet
  • add a drop of oil to Dipbrow pomade once you finish to keep the product from drying out
  • balance ash colors with red undertones and vice versa (important for pictures)
  • use a concealer above the eyebrows in same shade as your foundation and then brush your eyebrows with spooli
  • the color in Houston is not the same as LA – colors change as they oxidize – balance the color by adding more ashy shades
  • when applying highlighting duo pencil use shimmer color first to create the base for the matte color smooth application
  • make spooli your best friend. Anastasia has different spooli for different productssunkissedblush_abh (11 of 14)
  • sunkissedblush_abh (6 of 14)

Anastasia encourages to play with makeup as “practice makes perfect” calling the makeup an “art form” and the best thing that ever happened to her. “Stay at home, experiment, you don’t have to do it in public”.

“Don’t be scared to try. It’s just a makeup, if you fail, take it off and try again”.

It was a very exciting, informative and encouraging event. Anastasia is indeed a wonderful example of a woman who could make her “American Dream” come true.





What are your favorite products from Anastasia Beverly Hills? Let me know in the comments below!

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