#SephoraSquad – My Dream Opportunity!

Farah Gasimzade By Farah Gasimzade3 min read

My dear friends,

This post will be a little different from my usual reviews. As I’m working on several new blog posts and a few new videos at the moment, I’d like to take this chance and tell you about my dream opportunity and share a bit more about the purpose of this blog.


Sephora is launching a one-of-a-kind sponsorship program for micro -influencers with real voices. This is an amazing opportunity for people like me who are starting their path in this industry. Having a chance to be a part of this #SephoraSquad will provide endless opportunities that will benefit not only me but also you! I’d have access to unlimited resources, insider information as well as I’ll be able to share with you tips and tricks learned directly from the professionals in the industry.  This will help me in improving not only the content but also overall experience that you get from reading this blog!


As you might know, I do everything mostly myself from photography, self-portraits, to reviews, videos and even adding tweaks to my website. My every day is a challenge and a small learning step in enhancing your experience. I work really hard improving my craft, adding more value to each and every post that you see on this blog or on my social media accounts. With that being said, #SephoraSquad will be a huge learning curve and I can only imagine how magical it”™s going to be.

But there is also another reason, why I decided to apply for this program.

My definition of “Beauty”

I have a message to share with this world. The message, that I wish was there in my teen ages when I didn’t like my reflection in a mirror. The message, that prevents us from chasing “beauty standards” we are imposed upon. The message, that will remind us of who we really are.

This message is very simple: each of us is beautiful in our own way. We are perfect in the way we are created and we shouldn”™t listen to voices that tell us that we are not good enough.

We might all have a different understanding of beauty. For me, beauty equal self-confidence fueled by self-love. The love to ourselves, in its turn, starts with a simple act of self-care. Learning how to take care of this awesome face and body of yours will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin with your own differences – I hate when people call them “flaws”.

My mission is to help you in finding your holy grails to become your best self through sharing detailed reviews on products and services, available under the sun.

#SephoraSquad, in its turn, will help me spread this message around to benefit even more people! I believe it”™s time to break up the curse of teenage years and let the younger generation know that they are worthy and beautiful in every single way.


Now, as I’ve done my part and applied to this program, I need your support! Sephora encourages to collect testimonials from people who follow me and read my blogs. This will only take a few minutes of your time but that will mean a world to me.

All you have to do is to follow the link below, it will take you to a form with my application. Once you land on that page, just leave your email and testimonial! It’s that easy!


The deadline is just around the corner, on March 6th!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

I woke up to an email from Sephora Squad stating that I received 25 testimonials as of today! Each voice counts and I’m truly grateful for each and every one of them!

Thank you for your time and your contribution to making this blog a better place!

Stay warm and have a great day!


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