2018 New Year Resolution

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Happy New Year, my wonderful friends!

In 2017 there were certain things I couldn”™t achieve consistency in, but they were indeed helpful for me. This year, I plan to make habits of them and decided to share them with you why I think it can be also good for you.


Working out is important to keep yourself healthy. For me, yoga is the best choice since it takes care not only of your body but also your mind. I’ve signed up for TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene. The best part is that it absolutely free while you can create your personal schedule that will work best for you. And for sure, it is important to remember, that 30 days is the perfect period to create a habit of any activity. Are you is in? #YWATRUE


Although, this is strongly linked to yoga, still I decided to talk separately about it. Meditation is a workout for your mind. It can help you relax, keep you mind fresh and bright. More and more people today turn to meditation and add it to their lifestyle. It’s not just a trend that will come and go, it’s a way of life that helps to enjoy the life and accept the challenges without resistance and therefore, without pain and negativity.

I have been using Headspace app for couple of years, and I really love it. If you have never heard about it and want to start meditating, consider downloading this app. It will guide you through your first 10 days for free and they you can decide if you want a subscription or not. For me it is the most comprehensive and easy meditation practice I’ve ever tried since it teaches you how to do it.

Five Minute Journal

It is really good for you to be grateful for what you have in your life.
The Five Minute Journal will help you become a happier person by appreciating your life more. It helps you pause for 5 minutes twice a day to look around and notice the best you have in your life. You can use a real journal or an app – both work equally well.

Eat Healthier

I think this is something that everybody have on their list. Although, most of the time I try to keep my diet as healthy as possible choosing organic products, there is still something I think I was missing. Even if the label says it’s organic it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. As an example, consider processed food like sausages, pickles, different sauces in packages, etc. Regardless of its healthy ingredients, it is still a processed food which is not a good choice for you.

Produce Less Waste

Continuing the discussion on packaged food and healthier choices, we also need to think of the environment. When going for groceries in US, you can find that most of the products come in plastic packages. It’s especially disturbing to see stores like Whole Foods using plastic bags for your groceries, while I had a completely different experience using reusable bags for groceries in UK.
This year I’m going to try to shop for groceries that are not packaged in plastic and at least reduce the waste of small plastic bottles by choosing drinking water in bigger containers. Besides, even though it’s not required by law here, I’m thinking to separate the garbage so that I know for sure everything is recycled and processed in a right way and not just dumped in a landfill.
I won’t probably change the world by doing this, but if each of us thinks more of the environment, we would probably have more control over the pollution that humankind causes to our planet.

Reading More Books

I”™m stocking up with some interesting reads right now. I”™ll post them on my Goodreads once I complete my list. What was the life-changing book for you? I would be happy if you could share it with me in the comments down below!


Getting a driver”™s licence will be my the biggest challenge this year as well as start driving with more confidence and without fears. To achieve this goal, I need to practice more and consistency is also important here.

Anyone planning to get their license this year?

Learn One Thing Everyday

I think it’s a quite challenging and, at the same time, It’s a fun task! It can be anything, from learning a new word to learning how to make something, building something or learning how to use a certain tool. Write down your achievements on small pieces of paper fold each and put in a jar. By the end of the year you will have a jar full of achievements to appreciate what you have done during the year.


What is your 2018 Resolution? I’d love to here it from you in the comments below!

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