I was born and raised in a culture, where a girl or a woman can’t leave a house without being prepped and looking gorgeous; doesn’t matter whether you are going to the local shop to buy some bread or going out. And this is something I’d like to keep with me wherever I go, combining western influence with my eastern culture.

Why Sun Kissed Blush? It has something to do with my origin. My hometown is a very sunny and beautiful city – Baku located in Azerbaijan at the bay of Caspian Sea. Since childhood I love the sun ( but for sure I don’t forget about SPF!) and my tan starts with healthy-looking blush on my face.

I’m also a photographer and sun is my favorite source of light and inspiration, with the shadows that it creates and the way it changes how things look during the day.

And if you think about this: life is so much better when kissed by sun.