Best Eyelash Curler for Almond and Deep-Set Eyes

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If you have ever struggled with putting all your lashes into the curler, I’ll tell you a secret: not all eyelash curlers are created equal. For some reason, beauty bloggers and makeup artists do not mention the fact that the eyelash curler must be selected according to your eye shape!

Several years ago I got myself a Full Lash Curler from M.A.C. Cosmetics. I wanted it so badly and was extremely happy when I purchased one. It’s a nicely built tool and it had fairly good reviews. However, I didn’t use it often because I always end up having a hard time curling all the lashes especially those in the outer corners.

Recently, I’ve realized that this eyelash curler just wasn’t created for me. I have almond, deep-set eyes and most of the curlers on the market, including this black one from M.A.C., are designed for round eyes.

MAC Full Lash Curler vs Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler

Thankfully, Tweezerman has one for people like me – ProMaster Lash Curler. It is designed with a smaller angle (38°) and features an extra-wide opening so that no lash is left uncurled. It’s a perfect one for the almond shape, hooded and deep-set eyes.

You can see the difference in openings in the pictures down below.

And here are the difference you can see on my lashes.

From left to right: MAC Full Lash Curler vs. Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler

Few more words about this eyelash curler:

ProMaster Lash Curler features the double body handles that provide extra comfort and control and has a thick, rounded hypoallergenic silicone pad. By the way, each curler comes with 3 replacement pads. Tweezerman recommends switching the pads every 3 months and the curler every 9 months to avoid bacteria growth.

How to use a curler?

Line up the curler with your upper lash line. Make sure your lashes are makeup-free and dry. Once the curler pad is positioned at the base of your lashes, hold the handles and squeeze gently. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

How often do you use an eyelash curler? Let me know in the comments down below!

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