RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror Review

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I first discovered RIKI LOVES RIKI brand at the Makeup Show in Houston, TX, last year. I’ve never heard about this brand before, but I was fascinated by a booth filled with mirrors of different sizes, and all of them came with built-in bright LED lights. With all the glitter and color across the Makeup Show fair, these shiny mirrors looked like something ethereal, like a door to a Wonderland. As I was wandering from one mirror to another, looking at them closely, I imagined that one day I would have something like those full-size lighted mirrors in my office. The pricing for those mirrors was much higher than I could afford at that moment or justify the price for my small home office, so I just left the fair with an idea of how my dream office would look.

However, as I was redesigning my home office, taking over a separate room upstairs in our house, I needed a good mirror with light. I had one vanity mirror from Ikea, but the light was bouncing on and off. Also, it was not bright enough to do my full makeup early in the morning or after dusk. After messing with my smokey eye look a few times due to bad lighting conditions, I finally decided to invest in a high-quality vanity mirror.

I did some research, and I was deciding between Simplehuman and RIKI LOVES RIKI mirrors. After comparing the specs, I found Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror to be more appealing to me. With some positive reviews from influencers that I know and some sweet memories from The Makeup Show, I decided to go with this particular mirror.

RIKI LOVES RIKI offers Skinny Lighted Mirrors in 6 standard colors: White, Black, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Pink, and Iridescent/Metallic Silver. You can also find some limited edition colors for RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror on their website. In addition to this, you can also choose between models with 5x or 10x magnifying mirror attachments included in the box. Previous models came with a 3x mirror only.

I picked Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror in Champagne Gold with 3x magnification as it perfectly matches the whole vibe in my home office and my style in general.

What’s in the box

The mirror comes well-packed in a shipping-friendly cute box. Here is what is included into the box:

  • Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror
  • Magnetic 3x magnifying round mirror (6.5 in x 6.5 in)
  • Dual USB power supply for recharging the internal battery – Dual voltage 100-240AC (Use in any country)
  • Adjustable Stand (8 in x 5.5 in)
  • magnetic phone holder (6 in x 1.5 in)

Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror Specs

Light Color and Intensity

As a photographer, I can stand by the statement that the correct light is essential since it can make or break a photograph. In addition to this, the color of the light might misrepresent makeup shades, so the quality of light is crucial for makeup and pictures.

The technical light specification of Lighted Vanity Mirrors from RIKI LOVES RIKI requires discussion in more detail.

First of all, RIKI LOVES RIKI features Customized HD daylight lighting with CRI 90 +. It means you won’t have any issues with color matching as the light won’t shift any of the undertones in your makeup, showing all the objects ‘realistically’ and ‘naturally’.

Secondly, The mirror features five (5) dimming stages so that you can control the light intensity to your comfort and your needs. For instance, you want your light in the brightest setting when grooming your eyebrows while applying highlighters in a dimmed light condition

At the same time, the light is not blinding, and even when all the overhead lights are off, I can still get my eyeshadows right and my brows in shape.

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Vanity Lighted Mirror with adjustable led light intensity

Ergonomics and Portability

Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror is very lightweight, around 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg). The size of the mirror is comparable to an iPad, 9.5″ x 13″ x 3/8″ (24*33*1cm). Because of such dimensions, it is portable, and you can take it with you while you travel to ensure you get the best results even with the most horrible hotel bathroom light. RIKI LOVES RIKI also offers travel cases for Skinny mirrors, sold separately.

Another favorite feature of mine is the built-in battery. You can use this mirror anywhere since there is no wire to keep you plugged into the socket or use disposable batteries. You can simply charge it directly from the power socket or connect a USB port. Sometimes I even use my laptop for that!

The device is also dual voltage (100-240AC) which means you can travel internationally and charge it in any country.

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Vanity Lighted Mirror USB charger

Control Panel

As you can see from the photos, the control panel of Riki Skinny is pretty simple and consist of 6 buttons.

  • Top row (from left to right): Bluetooth setting, Selfie setting, Brightness increase
  • Bottom row (from left to right): Battery Life Indication, Power On/Off, Brightness decrease.
RIKI Skinny control panel

Additional Features and Accessories

Attachments included in a box are super easy to use. Both the magnifying mirror and the phone clip have a magnet inside, and you can effortlessly switch between a regular and a magnifying mirror or mount and demount the phone. They simply snap on and off the mirror. Both of these magnetic attachments have soft protectants that save the mirror from scratching.

reverse of the attachment feature a soft protectant

Riki Skinny Magnifying Mirror

Speaking of the magnifying mirror, you can now choose between models with 5x or 10x mirrors. As you might have noticed, since I purchased mine a while ago, it came with a 3x mirror. If your RIKI LOVES RIKI Lighted mirror came with a different magnification mirror, and you want a 10x magnetic mirror, you can always buy it separately.

Riki Skinny Adjustable Stand

The adjustable foldable stand that comes with the mirror is very lightweight and made of plastic, and has a rubberized piece at the bottom. The size of the stand is 8 x 5.5 inches. You can easily adjust the angle of the mirror to your likeness, but the most stable position for the mirror would be when the stand is fully open. Some reviewers have been concerned about the stand as the fully open position is angled a certain way that might not be comfortable to use while standing, but that position works well for a sitting vanity.

When it comes to selfies, you need to find the angle that works best for your face. The stand doesn’t slip, but I’m still trying to be cautious as the mirror is very lightweight, and you can easily knock it off when the stand is not open all the way. Also, the rubberized piece was a little off-center, so I reattached it back into place.

The only issue I had with this stand, is the staining on my RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Mirror. I have noticed it only recently, so I haven’t contacted the brand about this issue. I will update this post accordingly once I get more information on how to get this fix and if this is a common issue.

Riki Skinny Magnetic Phone Attachment

The phone attachment is adjustable so that you can mount any smartphone to it. The mount has silicon protectors on the gripping part, so it won’t scratch your phone and will keep it secured in place. You can also rotate your phone on this mount 360 degrees.


As mentioned earlier, Riki Skinny comes with a rechargeable, built-in battery, which means this mirror is cordless when in use. The charger is dual-voltage and can be connected using a USB cord provided with the smart charger that also comes in the box. The model I ordered came with an attached US adapter on the charger. Earlier models came with all international adapters included in the box.

According to the brand, when ordered directly from Riki Loves Riki, they will send the power supply that corresponds with the shipping address entered during the checkout process.

How to charge RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror

As you can already guess, charging Riki Skinny is super easy. All you need to do is to Insert a Micro USB plug into the port of the mirror. A full charge will take around 4 hours. When plugged in and charging, the green light on the battery life indicator will go dark after 30 seconds. So don’t be surprised: it is still charging.

Built-in Bluetooth

Finally, Riki Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirrors has a built-in Bluetooth capability so that you can use it for streaming, taking selfies, zoom calls, or following along in makeup tutorials. This feature is supported by both iOS and Android devices.

How to use Built-in Bluetooth on Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror
  1. Place your phone into the Magnetic Phone Clip cradle
  2. Mount the clip onto the mirror
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the mirror until the blue light blinks (5 seconds).
  4. Pair your phone in Bluetooth settings of your phone
  5. Open your camera app (for Android, enable the volume button to take pictures).
  6. Press the camera button to take your selfie!

I haven’t use it for streaming yet, but plan to do it in the nearest future! Stay tuned for updates.

Other Accessories

Recently, RIKI LOVES RIKI released a new reusable suction cup mount, which allows you to attach your mirror directly to any glass surface. The attachment is reusable, but you need to reattach it after 3-4 hours of use. This suction cup attachment is available in WhiteBlackGold, and Rose Gold and is sold separately for $25. 

In addition to the suction cup, RIKI LOVES RIKI also introduced The Vanity Stand for an upright position. The size of the stand is 15 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 11 ¼”, and it is pretty pricy – $65. 

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Vanity Lighted Mirror on vanity table with Farah Gasimzade, Founder of Sun Kissed Blush, in reflection


RIKI LOVES RIKI offers one (1) year unlimited, unconditional warranty for manufacturer’s defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service. After the warranty period is out, the company promises to continue to provide warranty support for the product with repairing and/or replacing parts if necessary.

In addition to that, you can purchase an extended warranty on the applicable items when you purchase from the official brand store. This warranty is provided in partnership with Consumer Priority Service. The warranty offers benefits not guaranteed by manufacturers, such as accidental damage & free shipping. For more info, please check the FAQ section of the RIKI LOVES RIKI official website.

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Vanity Lighted Mirror details


RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror is a luxurious, high-end mirror sold for a premium price. MSRP is $195 for white color and $205 for others. There is no price difference between models with 5x and 10x mirrors. The price for models with 10x magnification mirrors is $210.

These mirrors go on sale during holidays and sales events at major retailers and on the official website. According to their official website, they offer annual sales twice a year:  “RIKI’s White Friday Bridal Sale (second weekend in March), and the Black Friday.”

At the moment, you can purchase the model with 10x mirror in Rose Gold or White for $130 at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Final Thoughts

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror has become one of my favorite beauty gadgets. The design of the mirror is very modern and sleek. I love the Champagne Gold color, as the plastic finish is not shiny and looks very luxurious. I find this mirror ideal for daily use, while 3x magnification is just right for me to do my eyebrows any time of the day. Switching between mirrors is super easy, and both the magnifying mirror and phone mount attach firmly to the mirror.

Moreover, I love that you can switch light intensity, and the light is not blinding at its brightest setting and doesn’t have any tint. With this mirror, I no longer have problems with color matching my makeup. Grooming my eyebrows at any time of the day and night has become so much better, and doing my makeup during the darker hours doesn’t cause me anxiety anymore.

The built-in battery lasts pretty well, and recharging the mirror through USB is fast and convenient. Finally, it is super travel-friendly because of its lightweight, compact and cordless design paired with dual voltage.

RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Vanity Lighted Mirror on vanity table

Even though I had an issue with the stain, I still loved this product a lot. With that being said, RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mirror is a #SunKissedBlush_Approved product, and I can recommend it to everyone ready to invest in a high-quality beauty mirror.

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