CHANEL 2022 Makeup and Skincare Holiday Sets

Farah Gasimzade By Farah Gasimzade4 min read

I was fortunate to get my hands on Chanel Holiday Sets this year on the same day they appeared on the official website.

Chanel Holiday 2022 Gift Set Collection

The best part about these sets is that you get a small Chanel bag for as little as $72! Compared to previous years, I find pouches this year much classier, and the combination of deep red and metallic speaks “Chanel” and “holiday season”.

In previous years though, the makeup bag had loops for turning a pouch into a cross-body bag, and I believe they even came with a chain as well. There is still a way to wear them as a crossbody bag, as suggested by my friend here. You can still wear it as a clutch or use it as intended because it pairs perfectly with LV shopper bag.

The size of the makeup bag is approximately 7.5x5x2 inches and it perfectly fits my iPhone, card wallet, keys and still has room to fit in something else!

This year Chanel launched six sets of makeup (red makeup bag) and skincare products (grey makeup bags):

I picked two of them – Glow Forth and Routine Reset for review. Because, what can be better than a Chanel bag? Two Chanel bags! 

Chanel Glow Forth Set

Glow Forth Set is the most “sun-kissed” set from Chanel 2022 Holiday Gift Set Collection. It features a creme-gel bronzer (LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream in 395 Soleil Tan Deep Bronze), a retractable Kabuki brush (LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL Retractable Kabuki Brush N°108). The set comes in an elegant pouch made of red tweed fabric with thin black and metallic threads.

LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream in 395 Soleil Tan Deep Bronze is the deepest shade out of three other shades of Healthy Glow Bronzing cream. Unfortunately, you cannot select a different shade of the Bronzing Cream for this set. Interestingly, in some reviews, people prefer this shade to others due to the undertone. Glow Bronzing Cream has a delicate velvet matte finish that helps you achieve sun-kissed look all year round.

LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL Retractable Kabuki Brush N°108 is a full-size brush with an extra-wide handle for seamless blending. It works with loose and pressed formulas.

LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL Retractable Kabuki Brush N°108

Chanel Routine Reset Set

I wanted to try La Mousse, one of the best-selling products from the Chanel Skincare line, for a long time. Therefore, getting Routine Reset set (especially with a different makeup bag color) was a no-brainer.

For a person avoiding scented skincare products for a long time, these two cleansers smell divine. La Mousse has a cream-to-foam texture, while L’eau de Mousse has a water-to-foam soap-free formula that is best for Sensitive skin. I need to highlight here, this is NOT a two-step cleansing regimen. While both have a rinse-off formula, you can alternate between them two. I see myself using La Mousse at night for a deeper cleanse and reserving L’eau De Mousse for my morning routine.
Both cleansers feature Blue Micro-algae as a skin-protector against pollution and Marine Salicornia extract for hydration fortification of the skin barrier.

Another thing that is worth mentioning here, is that Chanel Beauty online orders come in this Chanel Signature box that you can also reuse. Check my recent TikTok videos with unboxing these sets.

Overall I believe Chanel Holiday Gift Sets will make a great gift for your special one or for yourself. The set are available for a limited time online and in boutiques, as well as at major retailers such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ulta, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Chanel keeps restocking the sets online and across retailers in limited quantities so make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay in the know for restock alert 🙂

UPDATE: I’m keeping an eye on the restocks of the Chanel Holiday Gift Set 2022 with bag for you but they are being sold out instantaneously. What I’ve noticed though, some retailers have them at their physical locations in low stock. I’m sure you can reach out to these stores and ask for shipping to your address.

2023 UPDATE: Chanel Holiday Gift Sets 2023 have already launched and it is even harder to get them this year. I’ve just posted a separate post with new sets. I’m still waiting to receive the one that I’ve just ordered and will keep you posted on my Instagram page with availability and restocks for 2023 Chanel Gift Sets.