Interior Inspirations: Master Bedroom

Hello, my dear friends!
It’s been a while since I posted my last blog post. It’s not that I’ve became lazy or ran out of ideas to share –  I promised myself to post at least twice per week because I really have a lot to say! But something big has happened in our lives: we have finally closed on our dream house and now I’m spending all my time and energy trying to fill it up with furniture and necessities.

I’ve been dreaming about this for so long and it has finally happened. To celebrate this event I decided to share with you my interior inspirations from Pinterest. I plan to do series of posts about interior designs so stay tuned.

I’m going to start with master bedroom so feel free to add these ideas to your boards!

Bedroom Obsessions

Although we are really struggling in deciding on furniture and the design for our home, I feel like I’m leaning towards more classic, romantic, french-inspired style. Nevertheless, I cannot fit all the ideas in one room: they contradict either with each other or with the layout that we already have. However, there are still some details ( I’d rather call them obsessions!) that add chic to the room and I definitely want to use them in our home.

Obsession #1: Upholstered tufted headboards. Even though it may seem impractical as they become a dust collector over time, such headboards add comfort and coziness to bedroom. Just look at these beds in the interior.

Obsession #2: Open shelf nightstand. There is something special about these nightstands, where you can decorate your open shelves with books or decorative objects.

Obsession #3: Mirrors.  I first noticed this design tip at HR show room in Austin, TX. I was so amazed by the chic and class these high narrow framed mirrors add to the bedroom. It’s now definitely on my dream-list.

Alternatively, to keep things simple, just hanging a small mirrors above the nightstands or a small painting in a mirrored frame will do the trick.

I also like the idea of adding round or shaped mirror to the wall above the dresser. I’m not a big fan of bulky furniture, therefore getting a dresser and a mirror separately and having some space between these two objects in my understanding adds some air to the design.

Obsession #4: Bed end.  It can be tufted to match the headboards, or can be just plain unholstered with fabric or leather. It can be just a bench or can have a storage underneath. For me, it is a very useful piece of furniture in the bedroom where you can put or store pillows and bed cover.

Obsession #5: Reading Bench

I especially like these upholstered tufted benches. I do not know if we have space for that, but I’m still keeping this in my pinboard.

If we had some more space, I would definitely add window seating to our bay window.


Obsession #6: Lights. This includes bedside lamps and chandeliers.

I think the best choice for the bedside lamps for our home is the crystal lamps with white/ivory shade.

They look even better when paired with the mirrors that I’ve been writing about above.

Chrystal chandelier adds a finishing touch to the bedroom.

Obsession #7: Curtains

When it comes to bedrooms, light blocking curtains are a must. Nevertheless, to complete the look I’d like to hang sheer curtains underneath. This will also help in adding some airiness and coziness during the day.

I prefer solid shades without patterns for both curtains.

And finally, Obsession #8: Vanity

Since we do not have vanity space in the bathroom, as a makeup lover I’d NEED to have it at least in our bedroom. A small corner with fluffy seating and mirror framed with lamps will cover all my needs!

This is how I picture our master bedroom. For sure, hunting for furniture and matching accessories is challenging, but visualization is a key in the planning process and helps a lot in creating your dream design.

Would you consider such design for your home? Or you prefer something more plain and modern? Let me know about it in the comments down below!

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Luxury Picks for Christmas

In my previous post, I shared top $25 cute gifts for her for Christmas. Today, we are getting to another extreme, sharing my top wishlist luxury picks.

  1. Mason Pearson Extra Large Pure Boar Bristle Hair


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  2. Slip Sleep Mask, Pink



    This is an ideal gift for frequent flyers and those who likes comfort everywhere. The silk in these sleep masks is so gentle (tested on myself), and it won’t leave marks on the face.  You can also consider silk pillowcases, which are good for preventions of wrinkles from fabrics that one can get during the night.

  3. TOM FORD Private Blend Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum



    Coconut scents in this perfume remind me of lazy sun-kissed summer days. Why not to enjoy these memories in cold weather?

  4. DYSONSupersonic™ Hair Dryer Special Holiday Edition

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  5. NUFACEMini Facial Toning Device



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  6. DIPTYQUE Cosmic Seasonal Candle Trio



    These candles will fill the house with real festive vibes. Just look at their design! I think it will fit perfectly to any design style, from traditional to contemporary.



    These earrings have been in my wishlist for a long time. What i like about them is that they be worn with anything, from casual sweatshirts to sophisticated evening gown.

  8. KATE SPADE NEW YORK baby it’s cold outside iPhone 7/8/X case



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  9. ARTIS Elite Smoke 10-Piece Brush Collection



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  10. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II 20.1-Megapixel Digital Camera



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    This is it! You still have time to get these goodies for Christmas eve. You would need to check the shipping details, but I tried to pick from those places from where you can get them in time!

    Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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