Blender Defender: Protective Case to Protect, Dry and Store your beautyblenders

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Blender Defender has been on the wishlist for a while. From that moment I tried beautyblender sponge, drying and protecting it in my makeup bag became a concern. While I was always storing it in the plastic container it comes with, it”™s been quite inconvenient to keep the damp sponge inside of that container. As you might know, beautyblender increases in size when it”™s damp and neither fit in the container nor into its lid.

Blender Defender

A year ago, Beautyblender finally introduced the Blender Defender. It is a protective shatterproof silicone case that keeps your sponge protected from germs and dirt. It is interesting to mention, that it is not something completely new on a market – Blenderelle Makeup Blender Sponge Storage has been there before Beautyblender invented Blender Defender. However, the fact that it’s made by the original manufacturer, for me, means underlining research in product development. Moreover, the retail price for the case is the same as for its prototype from other brands.

At the same time, spending $12 for a silicone case made me a little skeptical as I thought it something I want but don”™t really need.

After another struggle with drying three different beautyblenders and packing them for a trip, I decided to finally give Blender Defender a try.

beautyblender beautyblender

Spoiler Alert: I loved it and realized, that I really needed it. And here is why you might need it too.

Why Blender Defender is so good

First of all, as already mentioned, it is shatterproof. Even if you drop it on the floor, your beautyblenders won”™t escape the case – thanks to the pill capsule-like interlocking design.

Secondly, Blender Defender is made of silicone and has lots of holes in it for good ventilation so that your sponges can even dry inside of it. The silicone is quite thick and easy to clean.

Thirdly, regardless of its size, the Blender Defender is lightweight, flexible and it is perfect for taking your favorite beautyblender for a trip.

Blender Defender

Finally, you can fit TWO damp full-size beautyblenders in one case. I also use micro.minis, so my case perfectly holds 2 micro.minis and one full-size sponge.

Blender Defender
Blender Defender can hold two damp sponges…

Blender Defender
or one beautyblender and two micro.minis

My personal experience

When I first received it, I was surprised by its size! I expected Blender Defender to be smaller, and I”™m not the only one – most of the negative reviews highlight this characteristic. However, since it fits perfectly into my The Daily Edited makeup bag, I have no problems with its size at all! In addition to this, I”™m really happy that I can keep all the beautyblenders that I currently use in one place. And what is more, the silicone case will never scratch your favorite palettes in the makeup bag!

How to Use:

Suggested Usage:
-Slip one end of the case off.
-Insert beautyblenders.
-Pop on the other end to store and go.

If you use only one sponge, you can easily adjust the fit of the Blender Defender to hold just one beautyblender.

How to clean Blender Defender:

There are also some reviews stating that this silicone case stains easily. While I can confirm that fact, it is so easy to clean!  Just use a cotton pad and micellar water. Easy and fast. 

Is it worth the hype?

Yes! While some people are upset about the size and its price – $12 for the case, I still think that if you are a frequent user of the beautyblender, then Blender Defender is a really nice quality companion for your sponges.

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