Before You Shop: 10 Things I Learned About Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Events

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Three years ago was my first year in the US and I had a chance to finally experience my first real Black Friday. While similar deals also happen all over the world and even bear the “Black Friday Deals” name, nothing can compare to the sales events happening during the fourth Friday of November in the US.

Meanwhile, I started my blog exactly 3 years ago and I have been updating my blog posts with best deals online a few times per day for 3-4 days covering both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. While I plan to do the same thing this year, I learned a lot from my last year’s experience and decided to compile a list of my tips and share them with you! I believe this blog post will improve your shopping experience during this sales season and help you get the best deal!

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Know Exactly What You Want

I’d recommend that you do a little research about what you’d like to buy. This will save you time during the event and guarantee that you’ll have more chances to snatch the right deal.

Be A Smart Shopper

Pay attention to the prices before the item goes on sale – some stores and websites increase the price during Black Friday and then add discounts on top.

Start Early

Keep an eye on specific brands at least 7-10 days before Thanksgiving. Some good sales happen on these days, while stores like Sephora might have sales events starting at the beginning of the month.

Check for Brand’s Websites

Don’t rely solely on the department store giants like Nordstrom. The online stores of the specific brands may offer exclusive discounts and specials, so make sure you are signed up for their newsletter this November.

Buy Hot Tools and Skincare Tools

This is the perfect time to get that fancy Dyson Airwrap or maybe Foreo UFO – beauty tools like these sell with a blink of an eye.

If You See It, Buy It

Do not leave a good deal till Friday morning – the deal will likely be gone. Some stores have online holiday shopping events starting from Thursday eve, so make sure you don’t miss those deals.

Shop Online 

Not all the stores offer good deals offline and you probably do not want to go through that overcrowded shopping experience in stores. There are tons of really good Black Friday deals available online and personally, I prefer holiday shopping right from my couch. Nevertheless, online shopping cannot totally guarantee you are getting the deal. For example,, couldn’t handle the traffic two years ago so it was impossible to access their online store for 15-30 minutes. Once I could load the page, some of my items “on the wish list” were already gone. Regardless of this small inconvenience, it’s still so much safer than going to stores during this holiday madness.

Cyber Monday is not Black Friday

On the following Monday, known as “Cyber Monday”, it is expected to have more online deals. However, on practice, Cyber Monday has far less to offer online compared to Black Friday deals. At the same time, on Cyber Monday you can get exclusive products on sale so make sure you check the online stores back on Monday morning.

Not Everything Goes On Sale

Be prepared, that not everything you want really can be found for the discounted price. There are always exclusions and restrictions. At the same time, not all of the sale items go for 50% off. Depending on the item and the store, the discount rate will vary, so don’t keep your expectations too high.

There Are Also After Christmas Sales

The holiday sales season doesn’t end with the Cyber Monday deals. This means that there are also good sales after Xmas – so if something can wait, you better wait too.

These were my top 10 shopping tips! I really can’t wait for the early Black Friday deals to start! As I said, I’m planning to share the best deals for the best products and guide you through these events as I for two years in a row, so stay tuned!

What tip would you also add to the list? let me know in the comments down below!

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