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Did you know that your hair is in its most fragile state while it’s wet?

When we talk about hair care, the first things that come to our mind are usually such products as shampoos, conditioners, and masks. However, complete hair care is impossible without proper drying. The way you dry your hair can actually make or break your hair.

While you can opt for an award-winning, best styling hot tools like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, there is always one important step between your shower and your hot tools, which is towel drying, and the fabric that the towel is made of is important too.

My hair story

I used to use the same towel for body and hair until I realized that some of the oily body products leave residues on the towel and transfer to my hair. I switched to a separate regular towel right away thinking that my hair drying problem is solved. However, later on, I’ve learned that a regular cotton bath towel cannot absorb all the water from the hair, and can even contribute to hair breakage. There is even a term describing this effect, called “hair hygral fatigue“, which means “the stretching and swelling of wet hair that makes it vulnerable to frizz, split-ends and damage” (, 2020).

Unfortunately, speaking from my personal experience hair hygral fatigue is not a myth. I have to admit, that most of my life I remember having issues with split ends. The condition of my split ends notably worsened when I had waist-long hair and even after regular monthly trimmings, the split ends were not disappearing. Such a poor state of my strands made me rethink my whole haircare routine and switching to a special hair towel was one of the best decisions I made for my hair.

All you need to know about Aquis Hair Towels

My quest for a “special hair towel” led me to Aquis Hair Towel.

Aquitex fabric in waffle pattern

Aquis Hair Towel is made of a special lightweight ultra-absorbent fabric, called Aquitex. The fabric itself is a mix of Polyester 80%, Nylon 20% and it is “woven into channels that move water away from your hair quickly and evenly“, cutting drying time in half (, 2020). Moreover, Aquitex fabric absorbs the water five times faster than cotton.

How to pick the right Aquis Hair Towel

AQUIS Hair Towel is available in two different models based on your hair type and texture: Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Towel (also known as Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel ) and Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel. The main difference between models is the pattern the towels are knit. The same differentiation applies to turbans.

how to choose Aquis hair towel and turban based on your hair type, texture and length
How To Choose Aquis hair towel and turban based on your hair type, texture, and length

Moreover, Aquis Hair Towels are available in 2 sizes:

  • Regular – for short to shoulder-length hair (towel size 19″ x 42″)
  • Long – for longer length hair (towel size 19″ x 52″)

If you prefer turbans and you feel a little extra, you can choose between Ruby Red Double Layer Hair Turban or AQUIS X POOSH Rapid Dry & Sleep Hair Turban in Leopard Print. Both of these turbans are suitable for all hair lengths.

Not Your Regular Towel

Besides wicking the water away from your hair, cutting drying time in half and eliminating hygral fatigue, here are the other perks of this magic towel:

  • because it is lightweight and super absorbent, it doesn’t flatten your hair /doesn’t reduce the volume at the roots
  • easy to tuck and wrap – hands-free
  • friction-free
  • helps to reduce frizz and breakage
  • maintains vibrant hair color longer
  • promotes shinier, smoother, softer hair
  • creates bounce, volume and curl definition
  • reduces the need for styling products

It is really amazing how by introducing just one product in your hair care routine, you can get so many benefits without much effort.

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

My choice and experience with Aquis Waffle Hair Towel

As I mentioned, I had long-waist damaged straight hair and despite having fine strands, I’m blessed with medium-dense hair. Even though Aquis Lisse Long Hair Towel is the perfect match for my hair type, I know that my hair holds a lot of water, and I need something more absorbent. Since the waffle pattern has an increased absorption rate, I decided to go with Aquis Long Waffle Luxe/Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Towel instead.

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Towel, is ideal for straight or wavy thick and porous hair, as it preserves the natural integrity of the hair by gently eliminating the hygral fatigue. It simply absorbs all the water from my hair – I feel how damp and heavier it becomes when my hair is ready for the next step. I’m also pretty impressed with how lightweight the towel is when it’s dry. I love it so much, I even take it with me when I travel.

Moreover, I find it very comfortable to wear, as it keeps my hair securely wrapped and there is no need to rub my hair with the towel. When I take it off, I still have that volume at my roots that is usually reduced by wrapping in a regular towel.

By the way, I don’t always tuck the end of the towel, and it still securely wraps my hair and doesn’t slip the whole time that I keep the towel on my head. I’ve been using a Long Towel both on my long and short hair cuts (and in between) and it worked perfectly with all hair lengths.

How to Use Aquis Hair Towel

  1. Flip head forward, placing the towel on with center at the nape of the neck. Do not rub.
  2. Twist towel starting at the crown of the head, then secure by tucking in at nape of the neck. 
  3. Leave the towel on until hair is damp or drier.

How to Clean Aquis Hair Towel

The better you take care of your hair towel, the longer it will keep your hair nice and healthy. Here are the Aquis Hair Towel Care Instructions from the manufacturer.

vanity table with luxury hair care products
  • It is recommended to wash your Aquix hair towel before the first usage.
  • Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle using a minimal amount of mild liquid detergent like Method (use only non-chlorine bleach if needed).
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners, powder detergents, or detergents that contain phenol derivatives, borax, sodium chloride, or anti-foaming agents.
  • Dry the towel immediately. Even though you can dry on low heat, I’d recommend air-dry your towels in well-ventilated places to prevent mildew.
  • Avoid washing your AQUIS product with other fabrics that may contain chemicals or impart odors. Hang-dry your AQUIS product immediately after each use and don’t stack on top of other items to ensure proper ventilation.
  • As an option, you can also wash it in a wash mesh to protect from tears ( if your washer is guilty of ripped t-shirts).
  • Additional tip: try adding one cup of distilled white vinegar to your load, this will help clean the towel as well as the drum of the washing machine where bacteria can be trapped.

Responsible Manufacturer

Besides being kind to your hair, Aquis hair towels and turbans are also good for the planet. In fact, since Aquitex, the fabric used in these products is woven, not knitted, it doesn’t release microplastics into the water systems, as many other polyesters do. Therefore, you can be assured that by using this towel, you are not causing any pollution to our oceans!

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

In addition to this, the dyes used on turbans and towels are non-toxic, and the bag your hair towel comes with is recyclable. Finally, the orange tie on the bag is a reusable too: you can use it as a silicone hair tie.

Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel

Pricing and Where to Buy

As you might expect, such a wonderful hair towel is on a pricey side, starting at $30. My Rapid Dry Waffle Long Hair Towel in White cost me $45, and it is worth every penny. I believe Aquis is making some changes to their hair towels line, bringing them to the lower price point. However, before we get to know what they are cooking behind the scenes, I’m linking a few towels and turbans from different retailers so that you can choose whatever will work best for you.

By the way, Aquis has amazing customer service, so If you have any questions or concerns, they will do their best to address them in a timely manner.

Final Thoughts

Despite the high price tag, this luxurious hair towel is a game-changer in my haircare story: my drying time is cut in half from what it used to be, and after chopping my waist-long hair to bob and relying mostly on this towel and a few other products that I’ll share in the next posts, as I grow my hair out, I see zero split ends. Just so you know, the last time I cut my hair was over a year ago.

The Aquitex fabric is soft and super absorbent, wicking all the water from my hair without causing any damage, and even the longest towel in their line wraps securely on my hair without pulling my hair or my head back.

Sun Kissed Blush Approved

Taking the above into consideration, Aquis Rapid Dry Waffle Long Hair Towel is Sun Kissed Blush Approved and I would definitely recommend adding this towel to your hair care routine.

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