SOCAR Plus Magazine Summer 2013 Issue

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Before the summer is over I would like to share with you one of my summer memories. This is a Summer 2013 Issue of SOCAR Plus magazine and I’m one of the contributing photographers!

I remember myself being very very nervous as I needed to take photos of Lars Troen Sorensen – the President of Statoil Azerbaijan and I had only 30 minutes for shooting. It was actually the shortest photo session I’ve ever had. Nevertheless, at the end of the shooting we had additional 10 minutes, as the session lasted only 20 minutes! It is kind of a record for me.
Mr. Sorensen appeared to be a real gentleman : real enough to suggest and carry my lighting equipment all around during the photo session.

After working with Mr. Sorensen I had another assignment to get portraits of Yashar Qarayusifli – the Artistic Director of the Orchestra of Wind Instruments operating under SOCAR. You can see all of these pictures on a slide show!

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I believe, not every photograph you take deserves to be printed. That’s why it’s always an excitement to you see your photographs printed on the pages of the magazine for the first time ! They look different, I’d rather say, complete.

And it’s so satisfying to see your name among the names of famous photographers who also worked for this issue.

To sum up, it was a bit challenging, but to be true, it was a great experience for me!

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