Photo and Money Conference, Moscow 2013

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I was afraid for some reasons that I did a wrong decision, as I didn’t plan​ trips like that for the upcoming 2-3 years. But things are used to happen much faster than you plan, so I was really excited to join this two-day “Photo and Money” conference at Digital October in Moscow. I’ve learned​ a lot, and now I have much more passion to do something on my own, to try, to make mistakes and to succeed.

Yes, I’m ready to “to make mistakes”,  as this is the way we grow. Surprisingly, but we  learn better from our failures. “Go out and make mistakes, zillions of mistakes!” – David Beckstead, the american speaker told us during the presentation.


There is a complete mess in my head from tons of information I received during these two intense day. As my brain is digesting everything at it’s own pace, lots of things are becoming clearer. Moreover, I have a strong feeling that I’m moving in the right direction. Without no doubt, I was truly inspired and motivated these two days I’ve spent in the conference and so far this is the best photography event I’ve visited so far.

I hope it won’t take long until I fulfill all of my planned projects.